For various reasons, not all home care agencies accept government medical insurance like Medicare. Research estimates that only approximately 35 percent of U.S. home care agencies accept medicare and are Medicare certified. Medicare certified agencies are most likely to be regulated with staff that are professionally trained, but that is not to say that the other 75 percent of home care agencies are not viable options as well.

That thing that distinguishes Medicare home health care agencies is the use of the Quality of Care data process. This is data acquired by Medicare that is used to review the performance of Medicare home care agencies. Quality of Care is a measure of both Process Measures (how regularly an agency delivers its promised care) and Outcome measures (how often the care provided resulted in the desired outcome). These measures are used to provide percentages that quantify statistically how effective the care provided is at a given agency.

When researching the home care agency that is best for you or a senior loved one, evaluating testimonials are key to getting a feel for what you can expect from a home care provider. Medicare home care agencies must collect patient survey data to assess the feedback from home care agencies. Data is collected from the patients, as well as their families and sometimes their friends. The patients used are randomly selected and the survey information is attained through telephone and email. The survey is long and thorough to make sure that no area of care is neglected in an agency’s evaluation of performance. The evaluation ranges from questions pertaining to how professionally the caregiver acted, how often the caregiver did specific tasks that were required, to how satisfied they were with the overall performance.

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Title: When Does Home Care Accept Medicare?
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