The cost of home health care services will vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the state or jurisdiction that you require care in, the agency you opt to use, or the amount of care that is needed. Balancing the luxury of care to use and the budget you have to spend on home health care can be an undertaking that needs a lot of research. Here we list statistics for the various kinds of home care costs to give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay and how you should plan your home health care budget accordingly.

  • The national average cost of receiving home care for 8 hours per week, is estimated at $693 per month.
  • The national average cost of receiving adult day care on weekdays only, is estimated at $1,495 per month.
  • The national average cost of lodging in an assisted living facility is estimated at $3,600 per month.
  • The national average cost of living in a double occupancy room for one person in a nursing home is $6,692 per month. And a single occupancy room for one person is $7,600 per month.

The medianĀ for home health care costs across the United States ranges from $16-27 per hour depending on the states and their unique standards of living.

These costs listed here do not include a skilled nurse, but the basic duties of home health caregivers. Skilled nurses will typically come at higher rates than standard home care, with additional amenities such as help with catheters or injections. The 44 hour per week rate of standard home care allows for family members to have a regular day job and traverse out of the home without worrying about leaving a senior loved one unwatched or vulnerable. Look into the best rates for the home health care you can afford in your home state to make a decision about the type of care you can receive for a senior with needs at home.

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